Extramural funding (Federal, state and other agencies)


8/15/2012 to 08/14/2016. DOE. New Photocathode materials for Electron-ion-colliders. PI: R. A. Lukaszew. Grant amount: $320,000.00

• DTRA- Proposal Number BRBAA08-Per3-B-2-0032: Development of proof of concept of SRF cavity thin film coatings capable of sustaining large field gradients. (2010-2016). Funded at $350,000/year for three years with provision for two additional years at same level. PI: Lukaszew. Total grant amount: $1,750,000.00

    Note: This award received significant attention from the media:





DOE-HEP Investigation of New Superconducting Materials for the Next Generation High-

Gradient RF cavities for particle accelerators. Award: DE-SC0010081. Lead Institution: ODU. W&M;

Subcontract (5/1/2013-4/30/2016). PI: Lukaszew. Sub-award amount: $214,000.00


• 08/10/2010-08/09/2015. NSF-DMR Plasmon Resonances and Metal Insulator Transitions in Highly Correlated Thin Film Systems. Agency: NSF. PI: Lukaszew. Co-PI: I. Novikova. Grant amount: $390,000.00

NRI-VMEC. 10/15/2010-10/14/2012. Phase Transition switches based on the electrically induced Metal-Semiconductor Transition in VO2. (Subcontract) PI: Lukaszew. W&M share: $200,000.00. Total grant amount: $1,700,000.00

Note: This award has received significant attention from the media:



TJNACF-FEL, SSRL program. 9/01/2011- 5/31/2012. FEL internship. Total grant amount: $21,777.00

TJNACF, Engineer support. 8/1/2007-4/30/2013. Total grant amount: $140.000.00

DARPA-Grandis. 04/13/2010-12/31/2012. Phase 1 and 2: STT-MRAM. Agency: DARPA (Grandis). PI: Lukaszew. Grant amount: $120,000.00

9-1-2009/8-31-2016. DOE (DE-PS02-09ER09-05). SRF-Thin Films- (Subcontract) PI: R. A. Lukaszew “Development and Characterization of Thin Film SRF Surfaces for Accelerator Cavities”. W&M amount: $461,000. Total grant amount: $1,500,000.00

6-1-2006/5-31-2010. NSF-DMR (Grant # 0605661). PI: Lukaszew. Co-PI A. Reilley. Title: Collaborative Research: Ultrafast Laser Study and Modification of Anisotropy in Ferromagnetic Thin Films. Grant amount: $ 399,000.00.

VMEC Scholars program (2008-15). PI: Lukaszew. Grant amount: $ 135,150.00.

NIA-Faculty fellowship at NASA-Langley (2008). PI: Lukaszew. Title: Magneto-plasmonic sensors. Grant amount: $18,000.

12/2006-8/2008. DOD-DARPA. Co-PI: Lukaszew. Title: "Novel sensors for chemical and biodefense". Grant amount: $998,000.00

6-1-2004/5-31-2008. NSF-DMR (Grant # 0355171). PI: Lukaszew. Title: “Highly anisotropic nano-magnets”. Grant amount: $130,184.00. UT Contribution: 85,792.00. Total amount: $ 216,000.00

9-01-04/ 8-31-2009. Petroleum Research Fund, ACS grant. PI: Lukaszew. Title: “Magnetic nanostructures”. Grant amount: $80,000.00. UT contribution: $80,646.00. Total amount: $161,000.00

5-01-05/8-31-2009. Summer Fellowship Addition to Petroleum Research Fund, ACS grant. PI: Lukaszew. Title “Magnetic nanostructures”. Grant amount: $24,000.00

6-1-2004/5-31-09-Research Corporation-Cottrell Scholar. PI: Lukaszew. Title: “Investigating the structural and magnetic properties of nano-magnets”. Grant amount: $ 75,000.00. UT Contribution: $91,465.00. Total amount: $166,500.00

4-1-2004/31-3-2007. NSF -REU-site: “Research Experience for Undergraduates”. (Grant # 0353899). Co-PI: Lukaszew. Grant amount: $210,000.00. UT contribution: $76,808.00. Total amount: $287,000.00

5-1-2004/30-6-2004. American Association for the Advancement of the Science, WISC program. PI: Lukaszew. Title: “Magneto-transport studies on chemically ordered alloys”. Amount: $4,000.00

7-1-2003/12-31-2004. DOE subcontract (PI at UT: Lukaszew. Wayne State University: primary institution for DOE grant, PI at WSU: Cormier) “Alternative use of photonic crystals to allow low loss of visible light”. Grant amount: $40,000.00. UT Contribution: $ 20,804.00. Total amount: $61,000.00

5-15-2003/8-15-03-University of Michigan-NSF-FOCUS fellowship. Title: “Ultrafast MOKE studies on magnetic thin films”. PI: Lukaszew. Amount: $17,000.00

7-1-2002/8-31-2002. Michigan State University-NSF-CFMR Academic Affiliates Program. Lukaszew visiting scholar. Amount: $4,500.00

Intramural competitive funding (University of Toledo)


* OBOR-URAF 2001. Magneto-optical Measurements on Crystalline Magnetic Thin Films. PI: Lukaszew, no Co-PI. Amount: $10.000.00. The outcome of this project was presented at the MRS Fall 2002 Symposium with participation of the undergraduate student B. NcNaughton

* OBOR-URAF 2002. UHV- STM Instrument. PI: Lukaszew, no Co-PI.  Amount: $ 9,775.00. The outcome of this project was presented at the Dec. 2003 Sigma-Xi Undergraduate Research Symposium, Los Angeles, CA, with participation of the undergraduate student N. Sperling.

* Kohler Junior travel grant (2002, 2004). PI: Lukaszew, no Co-PI. Amount: $1,500.00

* College of Arts and Science Individual Faculty Development grants (2002 and 2003). Amount:  $1,000.00

* Center of Teaching and Learning grant (2003). PI: Lukaszew. Amount: $300.00

* UT Academic Excellence Awards (2002, Physics Summer Camp, PI: Lukaszew, CoPI: Theodosiou, and 2003 Saturday Morning Physics, PI: Lukaszew, Co-PI: Curtis) Amount: $7,500.00.

Beam-time proposals


Competitive proposals that resulted in beam time allocation at:


* FEL at Thomal Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (2012). PI: Lukaszew

* Center for Functional Nano-materials, Brookhaven National Laboratory (2011). PI: Lukaszew, Co-PI: C. Clavero

* Center for nanoscale materials, Argonne National Laboratory (2009-10). PI: Lukaszew, Co-PI: M. Bode

* MHATT-Sector 6 and 7 at the Advanced Photon Source (APS), Argonne National Laboratory (2007-2008). PI: Lukaszew. Co-PI: D. Walko

* MHATT-Sector 6 and 7 at the Advanced Photon Source (APS), Argonne National Laboratory (2003-2007). PI: Lukaszew, Co-Pi-s: Clarke, Cebollada, DufresneWalko/PI: Lukaszew, Co-PI: Haske

* POSY1 at the Intense Pulsed Neutron Source (IPNS), Argonne National Laboratory (2004). PI: Lukaszew.

* NSLS-BNL Beam-line X13A: Soft X-Rays Magnetic Circular Dichroism (2004-2007). PI: Lukaszew

* LANSCE-LNL Asterix Beam line for polarized neutrons reflectometry. (2005). PI: Lukaszew

* TEM instrument time at the Center for Microanalysis of Materials, University of Illinois (2004-2005) PI: Lukaszew



* UHV thin film deposition equipment and optical instruments from FORD and GM Research Laboratories (2007).

* Perkin Elmer UHV MBE/Sputter deposition system from FORD (2007). This system was upgraded with in-situ RHEED and RGA.

* UHV (Veeco) sputter deposition system from GM (2007).

* XRD (Siemens) Unit from GM (2007). This instrument was modified to do angle resolved surface plasmon resonance measurements.

* Magnetic Susceptibility Instrument (George Associates) from FORD (2001). 

* Surface Science Instrument (Leybold) from GM (2001).

* Miscellaneous microscopes and e-gun from GM (2005).