Thin films and nanostructures laboratory









 Our UHV MBE system has been modified to house four magnetron guns and one ion-gun. It has in-situ RHEED and RGA.

We have also installed an UHV STM head.

The first and second pictures in the second row show the sample manipulators, the third picture shows the sample manipulator and the pincer in the tip manipulator, the fourth picture shows the sample holder on top of the STM head.

We have also upgraded the system with a pulsed power supply.

 Our laboratory has a state of the art AFM/MFM/STM instrument for ambient and liquid cell scans from nanotec. The system is compatible with our newly installed UHV STM head.

Our MFM work on highly anisotropic FePd thin films is highlighted in in their applications web-site.

















News! On September 3, 2011 we moved the instrumentation from the thin-film deposition laboratory in MS Hall, as well as the AFM/MFM instrument to the newly renovated Small Hall. Pictures of the move can be found here.


We also have custom built MOKE and SPR station. We moved the SPR setup to our ultrafast laboratory in Small Hall and are adapting it to be compatible with our new femto-second Ti:sapphire laser system.