College of William and Mary (2007-present)


o    VMEC Professor. Participated in meetings at Micron, UVA, ARC. Participated in the 2007 - 2015 VMEC Scholars Research Symposia (VCU, Micron, BAE systems and UVA). VMEC Scholars Chair (2009-2012): Organized project assignation and scholars selection. (VMEC Scholars)

o    Faculty Research Committee (2009-2011). Chair (2012-15).

o    Ad-hoc committee for engineering, design and innovation (2015)

o    F&A committee (2011)

o    COS. Member of the STAC committee (2009)


    Physics Department

o    Graduate Committee

o    Chair of the Condensed Matter Experimentalist Search Committee (2010)

o    Member of a tenure-track faculty evaluation committee (2009, 2015)

o    Laserfest outreach activities related to OSA grant (Novikova PI, Lukaszew and Aubin Co-PIs) (2010-present)

o    Physicsfest outreach activities (2011-15) (A few snapshots showing grad and undergrad students in the lab illustrating Physics concept with demos during the Physicsfest festivities: 1, 2, 3, 4)

o    Colloquium Committee

o    Building and facilities Committee


Applied Science Department

o    Search Committee Member for New Faculty: Material Science Experimentalist (2008)

o    Graduate Recruiting Committee

o    Academic Progress Committee

o    Chair of a tenure-track faculty evaluation committee


  Professional Service


o    Editorial board

  Advances in Condensed Matter Physics. Hindawi.

o    Proposal Reviewer

  Reviewed proposals for the National Academy of Science (NAS-Ohio Third Frontier Projects) 2009-2010. Participated in panel reviews for NAS (2009-2010).

  Reviewed proposals for NSF, NAS, ACS-PRF, Research Corporation Cottrell Scholars (2004-2012)

  Participated as NSF panelist reviewer (2004-2012). I was also proposal reviewer for the Canadian Research Council (2003). I am currently proposal reviewer for the Center of Nanoscale Science at Argonne National Laboratory (2007-present)

o    Professional Society Participation. The American Vacuum Society (AVS)

  Executive Committee member of the Thin Films Division (TFD) of the American Vacuum Society (AVS). Co-organized the Thin Films sessions for the 2003-2006 International Symposia. Executive Committee member of the Magnetic Interfaces and Nanostructures Division (MIND). Co-organized MIND sessions for the 2003-2008 International Symposia. Chair elect (2008-09) MIND division. Chair (2010/11) MIND division. Mid-Atlantic AVS Chapter Executive Committee member (2009-present)

  As president of the AVS Michigan Chapter I mentored a High School Science Teacher (St. Ursula Academy) to participate in the Workshop for Science Teachers concurrent with the 50th International Symposium of the AVS in Baltimore, Maryland (2003). Secured additional funding for her to participate and nominated her for the prestigious AVS Vossen Memorial Award, which she won in 2004.

  Co-organized the 2003-2007 Spring Symposia of the AVS Michigan Chapter held at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and at Wayne State University, Detroit, respectively. This one-day activities gathered regional researchers along with internationally recognized speakers, scientific vendors and graduate students. Participated in the organization of various invited-speaker dinners (2001-2007).

  As vice-president of the AVS Michigan chapter organized the 2002 Spring Symposium at the University of Toledo: Thin films and their application to devices. This successful event had over 80 participants including students, researchers and professors from regional universities and industry. There were over 24 poster presentations with the customary best poster competition, which was awarded to a student from Wayne Sate University.


  University of Toledo (2001-2007)


         Arts and Science Council (2001-2004)

         College of Arts and Science, Instrumentation Center advisory committee (2003-2007)

         Department of Physics and Astronomy committees: Undergraduate, Curriculum and Facilities (2001-2004).

         Sigma-Xi, University of Toledo Chapter, President Elect (2004) and President (2005).

Outreach activities

Created and organized a Physics Summer Camp at the Campus of the University of Toledo (Summers in 2001 2006).  This was a unique experience for students: (i) faculty described in simple terms scientific concepts as they apply to every-day life, (ii) scientists working in industry described how science is used in low-, medium-, and high-tech industrial applications, (iii) physics experiments and demonstrations, including viewing through the Ritter Telescope, and (iv) had hands-on experience constructing devices and performing simple experiments. Funding for this activity was obtained from an Academic Excellence Award (R. A. Lukaszew PI)

Outreach for the broad community: a new outreach program was developed (2004-2007): Saturday Morning Physics. The program involved lectures, hands-on demonstrations and activities. An Academic Excellence award from the University of Toledo was granted to carry out this activity (R. A. Lukaszew PI).