Graduate students

Ph. D. program (College of William and Mary)

        Jonatha Skuza, 2005-2012 (Received AVS L. Falicov finalist award-2006. Received NASA grant -2009 and 2010)

        William Roach, 2009-2013

        Kaida Yang, 2007-2014

        Lei Wang, 2009-2015

        Doug Beringer, 2009-

        Zhaozhu Li, 2009-

        Melissa Beebe, 2012-

        Matt Burton, 2012-

        Scott E. Madaras, 2014-

Graduate program at the University of Toledo

         Zhengdong Zhang, 2001-2004. Received a finalist award for the Leo Falicov graduate student competition of the AVS, Magnetic interfaced and Nano-structures Division (2003).

         David Pearson, 2002-2004.  Received a honorable mention for his presentation "Ballistic magneto-resistance in lithographically patterned nano-contacts" at the Sigma-Xi research symposium (UT, 2004)

         David Twyford, M.S. in 2003.

         Mukut Mitra (2005-2007)

         Michelle Sestak (2006-2007) Received "Blue ribbon" award at the Sigma-Xi Research Symposium. Detroit, Michigan (2006).

Undergraduate Students

William and Mary

         Josh Street (2007-08)

         William Roach (2008-VMEC Scholar)

         Andrew Nelson (2009)

         Justin Vazquez (2010)

         Charlotte Reeves (2010)

University of Toledo

         Brandon McNaughton. REU 2001. Co-authored a poster presented at the MRS Fall/2002 meeting (Boston, MA).

         Patricia Gallant. REU 2003. Fall 2003. Her poster presentation won a gold ribbon award at the Undergraduate Research Symposium, Los Angeles, Dec. (2003).

         Nick Sperling. REU 2003, 2004. Fall 2003 and Spring 2004.

         Eli Sacks. Fall 2004. Ion implantation of thin films. Simulations and experiments.

         Zac Ferraro. REU, summer 2005.

         Anna Dupaj, REU, summer 2006.

         Adam Broadwater, undergraduate student, summer 2005. Academic year 2005-06.