Lukaszew’s Group in the news


·      Our collaborative research with JLab appeared in Cold Facts | October 2015 | Volume 31 Number 5

·      Book “Handbook of Nanomagnetism – Applications and tools” published by Panstanford (2015)

·      Melissa Beebe received a JSA graduate fellowship award (5/20/2015).

·      Lei Wang successfully defended her PhD thesis on 3/19/2015. She is now a postdoctoral researcher at UVA.

·      Matt Burton received a competitive DOE Graduate Research Award to work on an SRF thin film project for cavities at JLAB

·      Prof. Lukaszew was interviewed after her invited presentations at the recent “Thin Film workshop and new ideas for SRF conductivity” in Padova, Italy (2014).

·      Kaida Yang successfully defended hi PhD thesis on April 14, 2014. He continues OPT training in our group.

·      Will Roach successfully defended his PhD thesis on August 6, 2013. He has accepted a visiting professor position at Lynchburg College, VA, starting on the Fall of 2013.


·      Kaida Yang won a poster award at the AVS Mid-Atlantic meeting at NIST, Gaithersburg, MD, on May 16, 2013.



·      Will Roach received a Research award a the GRS-W&M (2013)


·      Mid Atlantic AVS chapter meeting 4/12/2012: two students won awards


·      Virginia Space Grant Consortium 2012 Student Research Conference:


·      Lukaszew’s research was highlighted in W&M president Taylor Reveley’s 2011 report.

·      Graduate student wins award from Mid Atlantic AVS chapter (Jlab, Newport News).


·      W&M joins Virginia Nanotechnology Center (ViNC)




·      Building a better bomb sniffer


·      Toward a Better Bomb Detector




·      Applied science researcher wins thin-film award


·      “Physics and Theatre,” College of William and Mary



·      Good old days as a postdoc at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor: