Area of Research: Thin Films/Nano-scale science

    Research Profile

        Plasmonics/thin films/nanostructures/nanoparticles

        Highly correlated materials in thin film form and/or nanostructured.

        Fundamental studies on thin films (epitaxial, superconducting, magnetic, etc.)

        Correlation between structure, surface morphology and physical properties in thin films.

        Proximity effects.

        Magneto-optical applications of magnetic thin films and nano-particles. Magneto-optical sensors.

        Transport properties of magnetic thin films and nano-structures. Spintronic applications.


         My career in materials research spans two stages: from the early 90s until now I have been interested in nano-magnetism, ferromagnetic epitaxial thin films and nano-structures. My current research focus is on fundamental structure-property correlations in superconducting, ferromagnetic and metallic thin films and nano-structures as well applications (e.g. SRF cavities, RAM, sensors, etc). Earlier I was interested in materials/processes related to nuclear energy at the Argentine National Atomic Commission (CNEA) Buenos Aires, Argentina.

         Currently my research group is studying: (i) superconducting thin films an multilayers for SRF applications, (ii) highly anisotropic nano-magnets of interest in applications such as STT-RAM, (iii) work related to surface plasmons and magnetic and other highly correlated materials in thin film form.

         Refereed publications